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Most booooring world cup final

Do you agree? Spain just scraped through, and the final seemed like a rugby match full of fouls, 14 yellow cards and a red. This world cup in general was very boooring except for a few teams like Germany and Uruguay.


"USA troop is a public goods for American and World" ---Lord qqqbee, Sep 1, 2010

Agree. The final was a huge anti-climax but overall I thought 2010 was fun with some good games.

Agreed. I don’t blame the 2010 World Cup though, soccer is just boring to watch and filled with a bunch of babies. The fact they are the “fittest atheletes in the world” doesn’t make up for the fact they can rarely hit the net with the ball and cry more than a bunch of 2nd grade girls.

I understand that some guys really do get badly injured in soccer but, in the world cup every time a player was breathed on they would get this look on their face like they had just taken a .50 bullet through their chest. I have no respect for top tier soccer players who continually “dive” and “act” in order to garner a yellow card for the opposition.

No wonder soccer is so unpopular in the U.S., compared to the NFL the world cup looks like a rendition of the “nutcracker”.

Agree. It wasn’t quite so boring if you reframed the game as a “roll-on-the-grass” display. The Dutch managed to get a yellow card for nearly every player, except that one of them screwed up and got a red card instead.

It was a blah match… the ball going forward and back. In the overtime, I started hoping that just one team would score so we could call it quits and move on to other things.

You want a quote?  Haven’t I written enough already???

Tip tap tip tap, zzzz.

In my day, the way to beat a man was to take him on and go at him. And the man after him. And the one after that. And then score the most beautiful goal after that.

This Spanish team is all about passing round the players. Every game they played looked exactly like the one before. Effective, but definitely not exciting.

The final was an anticlimax because it was possession football, but not one of quality individual play. If that is the pinnacle of football, I think I will take up watching baseball…

Thankfully, we have plenty of club teams who do not have the technical ability to pass the ball successfully to someone 5 feet away. There is still room for excitement. I’m hanging in there…