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securitisation usage of non-banks (data needed!)

hi guys,

as part of an assignment i need to do an empirical overview of the securitisation market (region does not matter). in particular, i need data about securitisation usage of non-banks, ie eg, securitisation of trade receivables of industrial corporates, lease receivables, etc.

there is a plethora of bank-related data on the net (r/c mbs and the like), but i’m having a hard time finding some relevant data about the non-bank sector.

so if anyone has some sources you can point me to, i would be very grateful! any help is greatly appreciated…


just as an update to let you know:
moodys’ research about the ABCP sector would answer all my questions, they have very detailed documentation.. BUT, unfortunately my free subscription to their webpage doesnt let me access this information. so i guess i’ll have to rely on very aggregated top-level market statistics.



please advice

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Just saw this for the first time since I don’t visit AF as often. Anyway, you can find some detailed information on auto ABS deals on the Ford and/or americredit websites under ABS investor relations section (I.e., prospectuses & remittance reports)