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Friday People

Friday: after-work happy hour for some beers and shots, hockey home opener, yanks-tex

Saturday: hard gym, tailgating, watch some college football, NASCAR!!!!!!!!!!, neb-tex

Sunday: wake up, run, write some college app essays, grill a steak, east bound and down

Tonight: Finish up some work
Tomorrow morning: Heading to Miami for a week.

Watching the Blue Angels fly over my head as I eat lunch!

Friday: Lots of work to do. ALCS.

Saturday: 1 hr swimming + 1 hr squash. Read “Snow White and the Seven Mof–ers” 40 times to my daughter. NLCS.

Sunday: Make up a story to my wife about a very sick fictional uncle in Mendoza, Argentina to travel alone next March before he dies. Football all day.

Mar350, once the venture begins, I’ll make sure you’re the premium service that we offer. Just need to now figure out pricing models for the business, but considering the nature of the business, prices charged might be in kind too..haha… Hope thats fine with you.

—————————————————– This feeling is so so so f x x k ! - qqqbee, August 27, 2010