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ChickenTikka Wrote:
> Being Born Wealthy > Being Jewish or WASPY > Born
> Pretty > Top 5 MBA > CFA > Avg MBA > Born middle
> class > Born lower

i knew that from twitter. searching for CFA when exam results are due (thinking of reading some yeah i pass tweets) and all you get is ‘cfa is closed’ ‘gonna get me some cfa’ kinda of tweets, ha!

It also stands for Cat Fancier’s Association. I get mail from them sometimes because my wife actually buys cats (you can go to the shelter and get tons of them for free but my wife buys them with fancy papers for real money. Are cat “investors” rational?)

I’m Da Church of the faithful, I’m Liao Fengyi, clergywoman mother should have to introduce you to me, I have seen you twice, in which time you are more impressed with everyone I guess in the back of the church at noon to eat noodle face!

“Funny how I only seem to get CFA cravings on Sunday.”

Fact - CFA makes you gain weight

CFA make me poop.

No quote needed

There’s a secret C-F-A in an NYU dorm. It’s the only location in NYC, and it’s an effing delight.