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Mass Transit Commuters: What do you do or read during your ride?

Just wondering what my fellow commuters do or read during your commutes on mass transit.

During my ride on Metro North… Besides checking email/texting, I usually check out personal finance blogs on my phone:

Get Rich Slowly
20 Something Finance
Free Money Finance
The Simple Dollar
Five Cent Nickel

Hope some others share routines…


Hope. It is the quintessential human delusion, simultaneously the source of your greatest strength, and greatest weakness.

I’ve added a bunch of sites to my Google Reader which I access on my Blackberry. Highly recommend RSS - good way to keep a bunch of different sources in one place. On my RSS, I check mostly Barron’s, WSJ, NY Times, and zerohedge.

Other times I just zone out and chill because I find public transportation to be relaxing, especially if it’s a quiet ride. Thirty minutes of relaxation is a great way to start and end my work day.

On the subway, almost always reading whatever book I’m currently working on. My commute also involves a three ave walk or bus ride - usually use these ten minutes to put in a phone call to family or the g/f as the length of time is perfect to catch up.

black tail
eager beaver
penthouse forum
and the economist

jersey city Grove Street path to WTC and 4/5 to GC

Hope this helps

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Hope this helps

Harvey Penick’s Little Red Book. This is the only book I carry around with me.

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Black Swan Wrote:
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