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Passive job searching

Just want to get a take on how you guys keep yourselves open to job opportunities when not actively looking for one.

On Linkedin i just list my current company and title with no description.  We now have a social media policy which pretty much opens the door to getting canned for posting too much about the company in any way, shape, form, etc.

On Monster and Career Builer, I’ve tried to keep my resume confidential/anonymous by:

  • Not having my contact info publically disclosed
  • Not using company name
  • Changed up my title just a bit

What might give me away is my school and titles/dates as I work at a small company, wouldn’t be hard to match me up if current employer found my resume.   But I’m not giving away who I’m working for, it’d still be a presumption on their part.

So how do you guys stay anonymous out there if currently employed?  What sites are you posting your resumes to?

I blatantly put my resume and credentials on LinkedIn and EfinancialCareers. I don’t see why my current employer would have a problem with this. Obviously, if I were actively calling other firms, I would keep that discrete.

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