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Little Scandanavia in Connecticut?

Are there any good, single Scandanavian men out there, living in Connecticut, who is looking to settle down, get married, and have children? I’m playing matchmaker for a close friend of mine. Brief Description of Her: -40 years old -Interested in a long-term relationship with a soulmate, leading to marriage and children -5’8” tall, very slender; dark blonde hair; pale blue eyes; very pretty -Administrative assistant -Danish/American (very slight accent) -Was raised in Denmark until about the age of 10 -Tries to go back to Denmark once a year -Not a US citizen -Graduate of Central Connecticut State University (bachelor’s degree in geography) -Runner; jazzerciser; she is athletic and health-conscious; does not smoke -Great with kids and loves kids (she used to work in a daycare for about ten years) -Introverted; a bit shy and timid until she gets to know someone -Creative and artistic person -Down-to-Earth; very natural; not pretentious -Friendly and easy to talk to and laid-back -Not overly emotional, temperamental, or illogical -Caring and attentive; not self-centered or selfish -Type of person who likes everybody, and everybody likes her -Liberal-Democrat or Social-Democrat -Not religious at all; practically atheist

We are going to need pix first.

“bachelor’s degree in geography”
“Liberal-Democrat or Social-Democrat ”
“Creative and artistic person”

Not a great job selling her

Yeah, you lost MGG at “her”.

Willing to try before I buy …….

She is 40 years old and single.. is she divorced? had kids already?
Does she have a green card, or is this a “marry a US citizen” type of deal?

And yes we will need pictures

Hope. It is the quintessential human delusion, simultaneously the source of your greatest strength, and greatest weakness.

I’d be a good candidate if I were 20 years older. I do not think you’ll find many people on here 40+, let alone Scandinavian and in CT.

Would be curious what her past relationship history is. 40 and always single would be a red flag for me. Probably would indicate that she is not compatible with being in relationships. Think I would almost prefer divorced actually.

No Homo