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CAIA Sept 2015 too late?

Is it too late to start studying for the Level 1 in September? Going to get the Schweser books to study. Figured I should put this here too, I recently took the CAIA AI Certification program, so some of that ifnormation is still fresh. Topics seem like they overlap and I understand its a 20hr course vs a 200 hr test prep.

Any studying tips?

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It is not too late at all, especially if you have invested in a question bank. You literally need a month of reading and another month of just questions and you will be through. I studied from the original book and used Uppermark’s question bank which helps you avoid surprises.


Thanks for the tips and encouragement!

Yea i did mid-July til September…was enough.

Ramos4rm, CFA, CAIA

What was your studying like? Did you use Schweser

I’m just starting up with CAIA I myself.  let’s get it DONE