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CAIA Level 2 Results

Well based on the below post from Spark Meister when do you guys think we can expect results?

  • Monday 26 April 2016 (37 clear days after final exam)
  • Previous results days for Level 2 that I can find are:
  • Monday 20 April 2015 (37 clear days after final exam day)
  • Wednesday 29 October 2014 (39 clear days after final exam day)
  • Monday 21 April 2014 (37 clear days after exam day)
  • Monday 28 October 2013 (37 clear days after final exam day)
  • Monday 29 October 2012 (37 clear days after final exam day)
  • Sunday 22 April 2012 (36 clear days after final exam day)
  • Sunday 18 April 2010 (36 clear days after final exam day)

37 clear days is the mode

Based on the below do you guys think we can get our results tomorrow?







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Great coverage. It seems like Monday is the go-to day so I’m now thinking we will get them on Monday, 4 days earlier than I had expected.

Did anyone have any specific basis to suggest 28 October?

Phoned CAIA they confirmed that they are working to get it out latest Oct 28.

It says up to 6 weeks from last exam date which puts the date at 28th October for the final day

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Thank you Ponkie, K84

I don’t know why they can’t commit to a day at this stage!

They’re having problems with the new website. Had to disable results because users were getting erroneous historical results when logging in - seeing both a Pass and a Fail for the same exam when they looked at their result from previous cycles. Registration opened late this month too.

Damn I hope i pass

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Too late for the results today I guess, looks the results we be out next week. Hopefully Monday, and hopefully a Pass. 

Results week has arrived

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Day 40, +3 on the normal 37. I hope the release is today. 

Looking at the trend here out of the previous 8 exams, 5 times the results were released on the Monday so probabilities are high.

i dont think its today.i think it will be on friday

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I reached out to CAIA, confirmed results will be sometime before lunch today.

Thanks Ponkie

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awesome thanks! Good luck to everyone!


Good luck everyone!

I have not received an email yet but the result is in my caia exam history. Furthermore, I don’t see the score report yet.

i passed as well.

congrats to all

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what a relief

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Yeah, I just got the email with the score report. It feels great

What was the pass rate?  Congrats to all!

The Dude Abides

I did not receive an Email by now and can not access both score reports (Spring and Fall). CAIA Asso better fix that, I think we got a  right of a full set of .pdf docs for our files.


Since I got a day, I think I can drink without violating the Code and Standards regarding Profesionalism.

Regards to all that passed and my best wishes on those who did not for the next time. 

Does anybody know the pass rate.


You guys must be relieved that you don’t need to re do it with the new curriculum and all.

low pass rate for L1 & L2 this september

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Passed - what a mighty relief.

so relieved as well. congrats to all once again.

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On to Level 3 - “Signing up as a Member”. It doesn’t seem to work.Add first Reference - fine. Add second Reference, first one has disappeared. Finally both References saved… auto-logged out, log in again, both references gone! I have given up. So much for the 100% pass rate on the final step. Perhaps it’s just me having this problem? 

I signed up for membership immediately after getting my result. It worked fine and I received confirmation email withiin 5 minutes

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thank you K84

I tried again, the trick seems to be to keep going and don’t get logged out in the process otherwise “saved” bits go missing.