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CAIA Charterholders

To all charter holders, interested to know how you are incorporating what you have learned into your position (state what you do) and using it to your advantage. If not, then why? 

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Don’t use it. Membership is practically useless once you’re in Alts. No one respects it unless you’re in Sales. Entire firm only respects the CFA. L1 helped with work, but L2 not so much. Will not renew unless firm pays.

Reconsidering doing CFA.

I do in-house valuations (shadow NAV), P&L reporting, performance reporting, for various types of hedge fund styles at an Inv Mgmt firm. L1 just helped appreciate what I was doing but everything else was learned on the job. CAIA is not practical. Completed my designation 2 years ago just for the creds and only entered for the networking. Only advantageous for that.

I work at a lower middle market buyout shop. Neither CFA or CAIA really played a big role in getting my position or what I do in my position. CFA helped a little in giving me some initial credibility. Both designations really help more in raising money as LP’s tend to think better of you…CFA more than CAIA. 

Ramos4rm, CFA, CAIA