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Advice needed: Studying for CAIA and CFA programs at the same time

Hi everyone,

I am a CFA Level III candidate sitting for the June exam but was interested in enrolling in the CAIA Program. I was just wondering if anyone has had any experience in studying for both at the same time. Any advice, opinions, stories etc is greatly appreciated 


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My timeline

CFA L1: June 2012
CAIA L1: September 2012
CAIA L2: March 2013
CFA L2: June 2013
CFA L3: June 2014

My advice is make CFA and CAIA your life. Create a very detailed schedule and monitor your progress every day. I tried to overlap some alt stuff in CAIA with CFA…not much overlap to be honest. Ethics is the one true overlap. Use the schweser Qbank. Live and breathe CAIA and CFA!

Ramos4rm, CFA, CAIA

You don’t need to start revising for the CAIA Sept until you have finished CFA III, plenty of time. Consentrate on CFA then move to CAIA

I’ve enrolled in CAIA L1 for coming March and CFA L3 in June. My planning is to do 2 CFA books from now until Jan mid and then study for CAIA till exam date ending Feb and then get back to CFA L3. What study material you plan to get for CAIA?

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schweser worked best for me. try to get the videos as they are great

CAIA Charterholder

I am just thinking about doing FRM April Level 1 as well (On top of CAIA 1 and CFA 3). Would this be doable?