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So you reckon we should have these results today? Really?

I was under the impression, from reading previous threads that it was generally 37 days. Hope you are right however

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I expect it to come out next week.  You’re right, it looks like it has generally been about 37 days.  The level 2 exam window was a couple of weeks later this year than it has been in the past so I think that would put us at around next week.

I thought so. I counted the days a few times in the hope I was wrong and could expect them today. Ah well not too worry, guess I can stop refreshing the CAIA website now for another week.

I had been pretty good about putting this aside, mentally, over the last couple of weeks but I’ll admit that I’m getting a bit antsy. My buddy, who just took Level 1, received his results what seemed like 3-4 weeks ago. Hopefully they’re trying to wrap their brain around how low the curve has driven the passing score.

Or worse still, how high the curve has become sad

So no results yet :(

Is there any word that we may get them earlier than next week?

Previous comment on this thread mentioned April 24th as a possible date. However, I think the exam may have been open for a week longer than previous years, so in that case I’d suggest the results will be out next Monday.

Which by the way, wont stop me from refreshing the page.

Will be alerted to the scores from the CAIA site or via email first, based on what you know?

Based on last year, I believe it might be on the website a minute or two before the email gets sent.

Still though, you never know

Guys, please be patient. The survey that they sent out saying please response before 4/28. So I guess the earliest score release time would be next Monday.

seekingbeta wrote:

Guys, please be patient. The survey that they sent out saying please response before 4/28. So I guess the earliest score release time would be next Monday.

Great point, seekingbeta.  Releasing the results prior to the survey deadline could reduce the survey response rates and/or bias the responses to the questions, so it would make total sense for CAIA to wait until next week.

I don’t think I have it in me to burn another summer prepping for one of these exams…..May we all get good news…

Just received an email saying that CAIA New York Networking Event

Spring is finally in the air! Come mingle with other chapter members and welcome our new members that recently successfully completed Level II – congratulations!

Did that me I passed? Lol, otherwise wouldn’t it too brutal for the ones who failed and signed up for the event? Lol

You’re making me nervous, though I live in Chicago…

just joking…. relax…

We thinking Monday or are they going to string this out to Friday? 

Just for fun: I’m thinking a 50% chance Mon, a 30% chance Fri, and a 20% chance Tue/Wed/Thu.

i’m thinking 95% May 5th , 5% Monday May 1.

Unfortunately, I think you’re right.

I would say 100% this Monday May 1 :)

I would assume that you guys will get your scores early in the week so that they can send marketing materials to those that need to retake.  

That’s actually a good point…Also, I can only assume that they do the grading on the weekends.

you are giving me nightmares …

Superlamps008 wrote:

I would say 100% this Monday May 1 :)

Hope you’re right and I’m wrong…lol

Real pity they just couldnt do it today and put us out of our misery. Anyway such is life. Its the weekend we should all chillax and have a beer, this time next week we could be studying for repeats indecision

they have postponed the survey deadline to 30
so i expect the results will come around at that time 

Has anyone e-mailed CAIA about the results? They can usually tell you when results are planned to be released.

I mailed them a few minutes ago asking for a release date. As soon as I get an answer, I`ll let you know.

Btw: personally, the MC part seemed pretty fair to me, but the free text essay section felt hard… I think for most of you it was the other way around, right? Let`s hope that 65% will be enough and we all pass :-)