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love ya all
got 5 stronger 
but last time was all stronger

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Got the results and passed. Very happy to be done with this one.  Was not easy.  Congrats to all who passed.

definitely agree 
moving on to quants …

Passed as well!  It looks like the pass rate of 59% is the lowest in the past 5 years…

I passed too…and did surprisingly well!

Passed, no email but pass/fail results online.

^Check spam folders/ promotions folder in gmail. That’s where mine ended up 

I’ll tell you this much, I didn’t do as well as I did last time. That being said, a pass is a pass…..PE appeared to be my biggest challenge….Congrats to those who passed and enjoy the gift of time this summer…Superlamp, give it a couple days and consider giving it another go… You’ve invested a lot of time already and I’m sure you’d crush second time around.

What did you guys use for studying for this? The Kaplan Qbank was an absolute joke. Hardly any questions and the ones that were there were just way too easy.

any one reckon I would have been better just buying the official CAIA text and using that, plus say the uppermark Qbank, which I have heard are much better

I passed too!!

Superlamps008 wrote:

What did you guys use for studying for this? The Kaplan Qbank was an absolute joke. Hardly any questions and the ones that were there were just way too easy.

any one reckon I would have been better just buying the official CAIA text and using that, plus say the uppermark Qbank, which I have heard are much better

I used both the Uppermark study guides and the Qbank.  I also got the official CAIA text (I didn’t get it for L1), which I think was helpful in filling in some gaps in the Uppermark.  Of course, this being the 1st time with the new curriculum, I would imagine that the materials will be better for the Sept 2017 test.

Superlamp, I did Kaplan and I wasn’t super thrilled either. I mentioned PE as a challenge and not all of that was on me. I found that I hadn’t seen a fair amount of the stuff tested under that category.  I have to think that the official text would help. The official mock exam was very  helpful for both levels, IMO. Also, we were all working off an abbreviated study schedule, given the late release of the materials.

Superlamp Uppermark qbank and their course notes are pretty good.

i feel like thoroughly understanding their lecture notes will guarantee pass.
mind you that sometimes they might not deliver courses on time and their lecturer’s quality is terrible. 

Kaplan was great first time around and I imagine they’ll be sharper on Level 2 with the second go around….

Congrats to everyone who passed level 2 and earned the charter.  I hope to join you guys after I take L2.

I’ll see what I’ll do guess I’ll just have to have a hard think about it. 

Also - well done to all of those who passed.

You’ll be in good shape!

I passed today (received email and pass shows on my account). I used Kaplan exclusively and found the materials to be very good. If there’s anyone here who is interested in buying the Kaplan course, I’m putting it on ebay for $100 today (search for “Kaplan Schweser Complete CAIA Level 2 Course”).

I hope I am not the only one on this thread that failed sad

Either way, I will give it another shot in September, sure its only an exam and if I pass then I am sure it will all have been worth it.

Thank you all too for the advice above regarding the notes too. I think I will stick with Kaplan, given they got me through L1, plus I think the lecturer they have is actually quite good.

What I would be keen on hearing however, is what you guys did when studying? In particular, were you guys making your own notes as you went along… I reckon part of my problem was not trying hard enough to “understand” the material, if that makes sense. With hindsight, I could have done better in that respect. Anyway I’d be keen to hear.

Also, if anyone is in the same boat as myself and doing the exam again in September, lets get a Sept 2017 forum going. No doubt the rest of the guys here will be of hitting the beaches to celebrate (I’d set one up myself but I am new here and cant see how its done)

Read the material again and highlight the key points, topics, and formulas. Then take notes on the highlighted material. For me this helps reinforce key topics. Also be smart about the test, ethics and the CIT are 20% of the exam and this time around you will have a understanding how the essay portion is structured. You will be fine and your summer will not be lost, 5-10 hours a week between now and then will get the job done.

for your info, i used uppermark, i used their notes and qbank (even tho they have been delaying their schedule again and again), their quality is great. i dont have that much time to read the text, i just revised their notes, do their qbank, long questions, say for a few times and make sure i understand whats going on. thats pretty helpful actually. 

Superlamp - What was your section breakdown like?  Do you think you were close to passing?  Do you think the MC section or the CR (constructed response) was stronger for you?  I would say that the retake hurdle is probably higher if you didn’t do as well on the MC section than the CR, which, frankly, is primarily memorization and isn’t too beneficial to study too far ahead of the test date.

Also, I can’t speak for Kaplan since I used Uppermark, but perhaps you might want to give the latter a try.  While Uppermark wasn’t perfect, it worked for me for both levels and maybe getting a fresh perspective by switching test prep providers might give you the psychological boost as well.

Superlamps -I used Kaplan and did the online classes.  Once I finished reviewing the Kaplan material, I did about 12 practice tests (1 part at a time - between kaplan, the CAIA mock) and made note cards as penance when I got something wrong.  I did about half the practice tests 4-5 weeks out and then reused some of them when it was not fresh in my mind.  This seemed to work for me, especially since I had ~200 note cards to focus on.  I cannot begin to stress trying the free response as if it was the real test.  If I got it wrong, I reviewed and put on note cards. I did 2 full practice tests (CAIA Mock and Kaplan Mock) 2 weeks before and 1 week before, then focused on my notecards.

One other thing - use the CAIA website material with their questions.  I actually wish I did that more.  Get after it and good luck. You will succeed!

Hello, fellow Irishman Superlamps. I used the CAIA textbook and Uppermark Testbank (stand-alone) for both L1 and L2. It was quite difficult as the book for L2 is massive and goes off on tangential discussions in places. However, since everything in the exam has to be based on this one text, you will have read the material needed to answer all questions at least once. Some of the “gimme” questions that would’ve got me past the line (barely this time) were from very obscure one-liners in the book that I luckily happened to remember. 

I’d say the official text along with Uppermark Testbank is the way to go, plus a Kaplan or Uppermark Notes package if you’re splashing out. I’d recommend starting the mock exams at least a month before the exam though. I left it way too late last time! Best of luck and fair play for cracking back into it. laugh

Thanks again all for the responses. Great to see another Irish guy on here too - mcguinn I was contemplating the L2 official text. I did use it for L1, but being totally honest it was horrible to read. I’d compare it to reading a Holy Bible laugh

That been said, I may still consider it depending on how much more knowledge I can get from the Kaplan notes. Time will tell I guess

I bought the text and purely read it before I received the Kaplan material since they and Upper Mark were both delayed.  It was very intuitive and actually quite easy to read and take notes on.  The only downside was that it was extremely time consuming.  Good luck sir!