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CAIA level 1 Preparation

Hi All,

Some queries about CAIA level 1 study materials.

1. I have bought Sep 2017 Schweser Notes and I intend to use it for preparation for March 2018 exam. Will it be relevant?

2. Is Uppermark testbank for CAIA level 1 printable? and is it sorted by topics?

Thank you.

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Schweser is all you need. The official books are well written, but rather lengthy.

I didn’t use Uppermark, so can’t advise you on whether their questions can be printed. 

how long are the schweser materials for LI? thinking about signing up for the September session and attempting the quick turnaround post-LIII.  any info would be greatly appreciated!

ya don't know what ya don't know until ya know it.

I think that having passed CFA level 1 and 2 you can sit for CAIA Level 1. 

CAIA Level 1 consists of 2 books of schweser. The Level 1 has “pre-requisits” that can post a challenge for someone that has never takeen a exam li this (for example they assume you have a backround on economestrics, DCF, etc), but in your case I think that you’ll be fine. You should start as soon as possible though.

solid! thanks for your input. registered yesterday and ordered all the materials.  digging in asap for the quick turnaround.  interested to see how it goes given the timeframe.

ya don't know what ya don't know until ya know it.

I used Uppermark for L1, it worked great for me.  I like the Qbank setup better than Schweser

I have September 2016 Schweser Notes and I am preparing for the March 2018 L1 exam… Can I still use 2016 books or should I purchase new ones??

Save your money and spend it on wine and fast cars. Schweser is solid. There haven’t been any substantive changes that would make buying the new books worthwhile.