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CAIA candidates, do your employers sponsor the exam fees?

I am considering taking the CAIA exams but just realizing it’s quite costly(compared to other designations)… yet have no idea about the benefits of this brand. So exam takers, do you register these exams with your employers sponsoring the fees or fully on your own?   

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CAIA Charterholder

L1 on my own and L2 employer sponsored. 

both CFA and CAIA employer sponsored.  was not even considering the CAIA until i did my research on curriculum. given so much overlap with CFA curriculum and ability to pad the stats, i figured why the hell not.

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Both CFA and CAIA here.  We have to pass the exam first before they will pay and they hold me to a 1 year commitment after they pay.  If I quit before then, they can technically take pay the exam reimbursement.

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