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September 2018 CAIA Level II - How is everybody doing? Share Ideas, report progress and share your EXAM RESULTS !!!

Hi HipsterAsFolk,

I thought the Kaplan lectures were exceptionally good, however the problem I had with the question bank was it was way too easy. Like you I was coming out with similar scores - sitting the exam and not having a clue. I made the mistake of failing level 2 twice, but for the third time I used the uppermark Qbank (and lectures to be fair, though I possibly didnt need them). The Uppermark Qbank had the opposite effect on me - I thought the Qbank was way harder than the exam and came out afterwards thinking it was easy.

Hopefully you scraped through but if you didnt you should consider using Uppermark Qbank next time

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Just took L2 today. Was tough, MCs were fair but CRs will likely fail me.  Would have to study a lot more to be prepared to get that granular in a freeform response. If I’m lucky I’ll get 15/30 on that section, but I’d bet less. 

The CRs are no joke, kudos to CAIA for making it difficult.  Hoping to be better prepared (likely) next time.

Anyone feel like they crushed CRs? Getting even ~20 points there I would think would put you in the “Stronger” category. 

We can drown in misery together as I don’t believe I passed (only hope is the MPS is very low), and note I passed all three CFA exams above 70% in every category.   There were quite a few MC Questions never discussed in Schweser materials (not even buried in the notes) throughout a few topics that I’ve verified post-test.  What was worst though is that I found many answer stems confusing as I spent more time looking at the answers than the actual questions….. I did not find this issue in the CAIA mock or Schweser practice exams.

After MC, I was hoping for an easy CR but I’ll be lucky to get over 15.   The problem for me personally in the Integrated Topics Section is that were articles that overlap throughout the curriculum that have different lists than the integrated topics section articles (a person naturally combines them together in your memory when remembering a list).  However, I actually found Ethics the most challenging in CR.   The CAIA mock Ethics was easy but I wouldn’t even know how to answer most of the questions in my Ethics section even if I had my CFA Code of Conduct Book open.  I do not even know the answers now…..

I wonder if CAIA gave the Stackable Candidates a much harder test…???…..  My test was far tougher and trickier than the CAIA posted mock and much harder than any CFA exam.  I wish I could put the CAIA mock and my exam side by side and show CAIA testmakers. Lol. 

Maybe it’s just bad luck on my exam but curious other ‘Stackable’ thoughts.   

That’s actually kind of comforting, MajorNYC. And I agree about the ethics - even that part I felt unsure about and I went in thinking I had it nailed down. I’m hopeful the multiple choice also pulls me up but I’m consistently ~65-75% on mocks so I doubt I’d break that range by much. 

I did very well on L1 so maybe I just underestimated it.

I think the Kaplan program overall is good but the qBank needs to be tougher.  Only about 10% of the questions are really test worthy. The hardcopy exam books are much better and more representative of the test. 

rsk2421 wrote:

Just took L2 today. Was tough, MCs were fair but CRs will likely fail me.  Would have to study a lot more to be prepared to get that granular in a freeform response. If I’m lucky I’ll get 15/30 on that section, but I’d bet less. 

The CRs are no joke, kudos to CAIA for making it difficult.  Hoping to be better prepared (likely) next time.

Anyone feel like they crushed CRs? Getting even ~20 points there I would think would put you in the “Stronger” category. 

I took the exam today as well…I am also a ‘stackable’…boy-o-boy, I felt like the MCQs were not for CAIA exam; man, they were foreign and some ambiguously worded. Without CAIA’s official materials, it’s just hard to tell where one lies. Not even in my CFA exam times did I find myself not so sure of my answers for half of the exam. I literally felt like I guessed 50 of them.

To my surprise, CRs were better for me…I feel like I scooped 20 in that section….and 20 for me in CR is a lot than I can ask for me. I am not positive; MCQs killed me.

I gave it a fair crack as a Stackable, having to choose from between four multiple choice options in MCQ does make it that much harder. I actually ran out of time and had to guess the last few MCQ, which was a real pain.

Also the Ethics is actually harder than in the CFA, since it’s CR so you actually need to really know it, which was a step up for me.

I rolled the dice for CIT, and the topic that came up was one of the two articles I read in depth.

Hoping to pass, but I think I’m 50:50 at this stage.

Hey guys, I received my CFA Charter a few years ago. I took CAIA I this past March (before the stackable program was available). I scored in higher in every category on CAIA Level 1 (except for one of the smallest sections I scored in the above category, so I was probably scored in the top 5%-10% for L1.

I took lvl 2 this past week. Quite different in level of difficulty vs lvl. 1.  I ran out of time in the morning MCQ, I had to randomly guess on the last 3-4 questions as well. Some of the MCQs were quite difficult (having to choose the “best” answer among 3 or 4 bad choices). But some the questions were freebies. I think the reason why I ran out of time was because I had to re-read the questions and answers to make sure I wasn’t missing something. A lot of them were not straightforward. 

CR - I have no idea how I did. I am hoping to get 15/30. I am not sure how they grade these answers CFA exams I had a pretty good idea, but i’m not sure about how CAIA grades written responses.

Usually after taking an exam I have a pretty good feeling whether I passed. I have no idea for this exam. Wouldn’t surprise me if I fail. 

Same here - I had a blast cranking out level I …. but level II just felt weird, I blew through the MCQs and then took my time to really digest the ERs … was not thrilled w/ the Q’s I got

Regardless, I threw down my $$ for FRM Wiley materials and going to get a head start so I don’t obsess about a potential Fail on the CAIA …. worse comes to worse I’ll get my Schweser materials for free since I knocked out all the Exams + Qbank and just sit March and push onto May/Nov dates :P

Just received an email from CAIAA asking me to take L II exam survey. For L I, I received the same exact email one week before the results came out. Could that be an indicator that we might get our results next week???!!!

Although I do not feel good based on my performance in the exam (specially the PM part), but I would rather like to know sooner than later.

The results usually come out after the survey ends. That is November 2. I expect results to come out around November 5th. 

 I got the stackable survey and November 2nd is due date as well.   I’m sure they don’t want the survey biased from who passed and didn’t and set date before announcement. I wrote a little about the exam in my survey on ‘what question was not asked’, but I know writing in a general survey doesn’t change anything anyhow………..

Well, I don’t want my result to be biased based on my survey response.

I think the most challenging were FRM I&II, CIPM II, CAIA II

I thought the CFA was broad but not as useful, it’s just general finance info for a second to third year undergrad; didn’t add much for me.

I have great respect for the FRM achievers.

Mounther Barakat, PhD, CFA, CIPM, FRM, CAMS

Here we are at October 22.  How much longer do you think it will be until we get our results?  Another week? Two weeks? Do they usually send results on a Monday? Or a Tuesday like CFA? So anxious here!


They typically release the results after the exam survey’ deadline, which is 11/2. We might see the results as early as 11/5. I am terrified.

Ugh. Why did they have to have the survey window open so long? Hahaha! Oh well. Nothing we can do at this point. Be confident, Gogo! I’m sure you put in the time and your hard work will pay off.

Again, I am not sure why CAIA thinks they can receive honest survey feedback BEFORE the exam results are release.  I am paranoid!

Considering I took the survey and they just sent me a reminder to take the survey if I hadn’t taken the survey I don’t think they’re tracking who’s taken it and who hasn’t… if they failed or passed you based on a favorable or negative survey the designation wouldn’t be worth the paper its printed on. 

Thus is a revered global professional organization that promotes ethical and professional conduct, I cannot even think they may be affected by candidayes opinions. 

Mounther Barakat, PhD, CFA, CIPM, FRM, CAMS

Organizations are ran by humans, and human have bias.

Do we think results are coming a week from tomorrow? 

I would predict Monday, November 5th.

CFA results historically come on a Tuesday.  CAIA historically is Monday.  So I’ll agree with Monday November 5, probably mid morning.  :)

Anyone else constantly refreshing their email in hopes of getting results, even though we know results won’t be out until after the survey closes?! 

Good luck to all. 

Best of luck Neil202 and to everyone who put in the time and efforts.

I bet they probably have our results by now but they are waiting on the survey deadline. 

Oh well… nothing can be done other than Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaiting.

Anyone tried registering for the next exam?

It seems to let me re-register L2 for March 2019. Guess that means I failed.

How…Mine just says the exams are being graded…

Mine too 

Same - “Grades have not been released yet …. 6 weeks of last examination date”