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CAIA Level 1 results

Results released finally today!

Very relieved that I passed as I felt it was a real close call ever since I left the exam room.

How did everyone do and how did you perform in areas compared to what you thought you did?

I scored lower in most topics except Private Equity, Intro to Alts and Ethics. So pleased I made it considering the 54% pass rate they stated this year. 

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I passed, too!!!  So relieved to finally get results.  I put as much time into this as I did on the CFA, probably 400 hours and I still was worried.

I passed too, and the feeling is mutual – feeling so relieved that I passed, phew! 

I think most of my scores are in line with my expectation expect for alt investment.

I used kaplan study material. Bought UM question bank just 10 days before the exam which helped me a great deal. I may do the same for level 2.  

Passed. Clocked in around 100 hours studying and did not have time to take a practice exam. I HIGHLY recommend NOT doing that. Thought I failed miserably. 

Also, going very conservative on ethics questions is not a good idea. Apparently you can ethically do a lot more than you think.  

Passed. Had 4 stronger: Intro, HF, PE, RA, and the rest 3 higher. I had no prior experience working in finance function. I read through the 2 Kaplan textbooks on my own and practiced using UM Qbank. Had no vacation in July and August. Pretty happy that it worked out well. 


I was a bit surprised with my result but so relieved. I’m going to do a bit of celebrating tonight and will start Level II study prep end of October. 

The low pass rate is no surprise either. The am session was a monster. 

Wow pass rate of 54% is lowest ever. will be interesting to see L2 pass rate.

Congrats to all who passed. And to those who did not, don’t give up and keep on going!!!

CAIA Charterholder

Passed. I was suprised by the low pass rate, very suprised. 

Passed. I studied level 1 for one month but clocked in around 100 hours. The materials are the same for two years so I used 2017 materials. I think CAIA Level 1 has some repeated materials compared to CFA III (i.e. PE,HF portions), but if you havn’t studied CFA II or III, I suggest to clock in 150-200 hours before siting in the exam.

I know everyone’s background is different.  But isn’t it funny how people can study 100 hours and pass? Who are these people who fail?  Are they even studying?  

This is a greatly constructive post. Thanks for the knowledge.