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Which Study Material is effective for CAIA L1?

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I used the Schweser Kaplan study materials for L1.  I found their Qbank questions to be very easy (too easy).  So I purchased the UpperMark Qbank for my final review.  I went through all of the questions in both test banks.  The difficulty level of the actual test questions were more comparable to UM than Kaplan.  I did find some areas that UM covered, but Kaplan did not.  I found that UM covered more material, but Kaplan was easier to read and get through.  I will probably do the same thing for L2.  Hope this helps!

Agree with the above regarding the question banks. I’d recommend Uppermark.

I note from your title you have passed CFA Level III. If you are a Charter holder, do not forget about CAIA’s new stackable credential programme.

For level 1 I used Schweser and also for level 2, but what Lucille2009 says is true, I found a little to easy in comparison with the real exam Schweser QBank questions. I have never used UM though.

I can’t talk about Schweser for CAIA as I have only used it for CFA Level 1 and CFA Level 2 and found it to be good. However, I was very disappointed with Uppermark. I found the lecturer to be badly prepared and after spending 9 hours on Topic 2, I realised that I did not want to go on with Uppermark. However, don’t bother trying to get a refund. Not only have they made that impossible, but they do not respond to any email communication, they expect you to communicate via post.

use the study guide

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