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CAIA L2 Core Book

Was anyone else surprised that CAIA makes you purchase their Core Book separately from Amazon or Wiley Books?  They should really make this part of the registration costs when you sign up for the exam.  If this Core Book is crucial to passing, I don’t see why they would make this book seem like an “add-on”. 

Has anyone passed the exam using only a third-party provider (e.g. Kaplan or UpperMark)?  I’m reading online that the CAIA Core Book is too cumbersome, and more importantly it’s riddled with errors.  I’m hesitant to pay for it if it’s not a quality book.

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I only use Kaplan as my primary study source and passed this Sept.

I bought the core books for Levels 1 and 2 and read them each once. Waste of my time. I mostly relied on Kaplan. Very few people read the core books. Even my Kaplan instructors told me not to bother buying them. I found that the Level 2 CAIA workbook on the CAIA website was riddled with errors. I got tired of emailing them all the errors, so I stopped using it halfway through.

Since I only had 2 months to study, I skipped the core book, used Kaplan and the workbook. No surprises on the exam and a comfortable passing. Good luck :)

I passed CAIA Levels I and II and never used the official CAIA book. Yes, you can pass without it.

I only used Uppermark for L2, no need for the official book although I did buy it. :)

Hi ikonic Sonic,

Did you use any of the Kaplan Premium packages - or just the Essential Self Study package?