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CAIA Level 1 March 2019 How did your exam go?

Just wanted to know how everyone who took the exam is feeling about it? Which course material did you used and did it did justice to the level of questions that came in the exam?

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The lack of answers might be uncertainty. I kind of feel confident that I got move 70% of questions right, maybe higher, but I have no idea if that is enough to get through?

I wish I had a clue!  I used Uppermark and also purchased the Schewser question bank and felt really prepared.  I thought the first half was harder than the second but a couple of the questions on the second half had me completely stumped.  I wish I could discuss one of the questions because I was completely baffled that I couldn’t figure it out and it’s still bugging me!

Used Uppermark and felt relatively prepared after destroying the practice exam. Felt the actual exam was much harder than the practice. Walking out, I was recounting the questions missed and unsure of how I did. That seems to be the norm for professional exams. Felt a little bit unprepared for one section and there were about a handful questions I had absolutely no idea about. 

Results are in on the website. Haven’t received the email yet but figured I’d let you all know. Passed!

I checked my account as well with a hunch maybe the results would be in there even though I didn’t get the email yet.  I PASSED!!!