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CAIA Level 1 March 2019 How did your exam go?

Just wanted to know how everyone who took the exam is feeling about it? Which course material did you used and did it did justice to the level of questions that came in the exam?

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The lack of answers might be uncertainty. I kind of feel confident that I got move 70% of questions right, maybe higher, but I have no idea if that is enough to get through?

I wish I had a clue!  I used Uppermark and also purchased the Schewser question bank and felt really prepared.  I thought the first half was harder than the second but a couple of the questions on the second half had me completely stumped.  I wish I could discuss one of the questions because I was completely baffled that I couldn’t figure it out and it’s still bugging me!

Used Uppermark and felt relatively prepared after destroying the practice exam. Felt the actual exam was much harder than the practice. Walking out, I was recounting the questions missed and unsure of how I did. That seems to be the norm for professional exams. Felt a little bit unprepared for one section and there were about a handful questions I had absolutely no idea about. 

Results are in on the website. Haven’t received the email yet but figured I’d let you all know. Passed!

I checked my account as well with a hunch maybe the results would be in there even though I didn’t get the email yet.  I PASSED!!!  

Congrats!!  I used Uppermark as well and purchased the Schweser Qbank as well for back-up.  

I passed. Seriously thought I failed the exam but apparently uppermark and Qbank mock exams are good enough to get me to pass with only 4 weeks of prep work.

I was only getting ~68 on uppermark testbank right up till the exam day. Online CAIA mock exam I was getting only 62 prior to uppermark testbank prep.

What surprised me the most besides being passing is that this round the L1 testing pass rate is at 54%. Given I scored 2 comparable, 3 higher and 2 highest in all areas, I wonder if the actual cutoff is at 63 or 65? Guess we’ll never know.

I passed too! 

I’m really thrilled and congratulations to everyone who went for it.

I’m wondering whether it’s possible to find out exactly how well you did? It states I got “stronger” in every section, though that doesn’t really give an indication of areas to focus on. I personally found the second half more challenging.

Saying all that, the passing is what counts and post exam I thought it had gone a lot worse then reality.

I walked out of the exam feeling like there was no way I passed. Not surprising given only 54% pass rate - so it was tough. But I did it! I got 3 comparable, 2 higher, 1 lower, and 1 weaker - but still managed it. 

I found the exam far harder than the CAIA mock and the Uppermark QBank. I was mid to high 60s on both of those, and I would be shocked if I managed even 63 or 65 - but for now it’s time to celebrate! 

Passed as well. Had the feeling, walking out the test center, it might have a been a close call, but according the performance report I scored ‘Stronger’ on 4 topics, ‘Higher’ on 1 and ‘Comparable on the 2 others.

Congratulations guys!!

Unfortunately i could not make it though i had prepared well but actual exam was very tough for me. I will be taking Level 1 again in September, so if you guys want to give me some tips or certain things i should do before my exam day which had helped you would be great help.

I did not practice Uppermark Qbank last time, planning to do in this attempt. I just want to make sure i clear this time :)

Congratualtions, i had the same experience for actual exam what you had posted earlier. Happy to hear that you made it.

Hi guys. I got my bachelor’s done from United Kingdom in finance and have more than 1 year of work experience as a “Finance and Feasibility” Consultant for a fasteners manufacturing company. Wanted to know if this makes me eligible to become a full member? I am planning to clear the level exams by next year!

Is there anybody from India who would like to connect on call and discuss the strategy for level 1 exam. I say because i am very stressed and have’nt met anyone to discuss the study plan. Please help!

Lastly, can someone please help me what is the best way to study for L1. I am currently using only CAIA official L1 book and making notes for the same. Thanks!

I was getting 75 on my Upper mark Test Bank and I still failed the exam!! It is just so sad and on top of it, the upper mark wants that I buy the Test Bank again as supposedly the Test Bank software expires after the exam. Scheiße!!