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Study Materials- Level I in Sep

Hello everyone,

I enrolled CAIA Level I in Sep and bought Schweser Notes, including two books (c 900 pages). However, I was just told uppermark is better somehow and, from the reviews here, it seems so. I’m not sure if I should buy uppermark now. Much apprecied with any comments.

Btw if you just passed Level I recently and don’t know how to do to your materials, it would be much appreciated if you can share it to me (happy to pay). I’m not sure if it is appropriate to ask here, if not I’d delete it. 

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Hi everyone,

I would like to know which UpperMark Suites to buy to get the caia level 1 the first time?

Platinum Suite, Suite Suite, Diamond Suite, Suite?

With the preparation of the Kaplan mocks exams will that sufficient ?

Thank you

If you don’t mind the 2019 March materials, you can easily checkout my used materials at

Uppermark has confirmed with that March and Sep are almost the same with probably very minor change.

Hope it helps you prepare the exam without a too big financial burden