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Stackable Program Skipping to Level 2, but earn my CFA charter 13 ago

Would really appreciate if someone can provide some guidance. Anyone who has benefited from the Stackable Pilot program and has also passed Level II, but has their CFA charter (earned years ago) able to go straight to Level 2 CAIA and pass? I was thinking the materials have changed so much since I obtained my CFA charter in 2006. Or maybe it hasn’t changed much at all. I know the style of administering the test is different. I want to give myself a reality check  Any thoughts would be appreciated.

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I’ve used the stackable pilot to go straight to level II and I am around half way through the material. i finished CFA level 3 in 2011. There’s definitely new material to learn in CAIA but so far there isn’t anything i haven’t been able to grasp or am particularly worried about. Obviously I can’t (yet) speak from exam-sitting experience, but from what I’ve seen in the schweser books so far, I would go straight to level II again in a heartbeat.

I got my CFA charter back in 2008.  I did the CAIA last year and use the same study method as I did with CFA, over-study it.  I will say this, I deal with alternative everyday at work, so it was pretty easy/familiar for me.  However, it can be challenging if you don’t deal with this material everyday.  Good luck!

I got my CFA charter 2015 - and I’m currently studying for CAIA II with the Stackable Program. I don’t feel like level 1 has been a requirement at all. Focus is one hundred percent on the alternative assets, and therefore there is a lot of new stuff. I work as a portfolio manager with PE/Timber/Real Estate and Infrastructure funds, so a small bit was given, but the majority is new. And new is really good, I wouldn’t wanna go through this, if I didn’t gain anything.

Haven’t gotten to the mock exams so I can’t say how that is, but the curriculum (I’m 56% trough) is much less formula-driven and more understanding the asset and its properties. Hope to clear the rest of the curriculum within a few weeks, and get started on mocks. 

I study as I did the CFA - read the books do the mocks. Let’s see how that works out for me this time around.

Good luck to all.