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Level II March 2020

Anyone signed up for level II yet? How are you going to approach it?

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If I need to take CAIA 2 again, (the afternoon portion was brutal) I’ll

1) put more emphasis on the current topics.  

2) study ethics more because I hope to take CIPM after CAIA 2 and there’s plenty of overlap. 

James T. Palermo, CFA, CAIA

What materials would you suggest.

Some of the topics, such as private equity, hedge funds, and real assets, are on both levels.  How are the questions in these topics different between the levels.

I used the UpperMark material- the review books and practice questions.  I’ll know in three weeks whether it’s Groundhog Day or not.

James T. Palermo, CFA, CAIA

Good luck James

Read a chapter from the CAIA textbook. Then make notes using the uppermark condensed summary chapter of the same topic. Then do MCQs until you get them right. Move on and repeat for each chapter. Keep taking the MCQs. 

Aim to complete the entire syllabus as above with 6 weeks to go until the exam. Then Re-read all uppermark summaries and starting doing essay questions and SAQ over and over again. Read, question, repeat. 

Take exam. 

Signed up for L2 on 27/03/2020. Will again use the Schweser books and will destroy the uppermark Q-Bank. Worked out well for me for L1. For the essay questions I’m quite confident since I work in AI. Of course there is also a lot of luck included on which topic they choose the questions. Should maybe start more early this time, since I will be off in December :).

Also already ordered my stuff from Schweser on 1st of October, still no shipping. Does anybody know by chance when they plan to ship the material? Originally intended to start with the readings in November.

Many thanks


James T. Palermo, CFA, CAIA

So what should I use for addl materials. I’ve been reading curriculum and taking notes on that. I also didn’t take Level 1 either.

I don’t want to spend a bunch of money, so do you think the Q-bank is worth it? Schweser or UpperMark? Anybody know where to find past exam questions?

For level one, I purchased a 2017 copy of Schweser notes.  I paid $40 on EBay,  I studied the notes intensively and did well.  So I am sold on Schweser. That is the way I would go.  I am looking for a used 2017 or later copy.

What about for question bank/mock exams? I am not sure what is offered for CAIA, is there similar past exams available for review?

I too, am going straight to Level 2. I believe the CAIA website has a downloadable work book on ther website with questions you can practice. I am using Uppermark on recommendations from this site. I haven’t come across pass exams yet like there were in the CFA program. If anyone, knows of any, please share. Thank you! 

is uppermark just notes or do they include practice questions as well? I am used to Schweser for CFA, but have heard mixed reviews on UM for CAIA…

Uppermark has a test bank that is web based.I bought the Platinum package that has:

Study Handbook: Printed

Formula sheet

TestBank: Web

Flashcards: Printed

Course: Complete set (Topics 1-8)

Final Review Package(with instructors)


I have created CAIA level II ?sapp group. Please join for discussion and sharing concepts

Send me your cell no to add


Faisal Alvi


Having trouble accessing it. Link doesn’t work for me.

Hi, I am trying to sell my Schweser CAIA Level 2 2019 Schweser materials.  I have Schweser Notes, Practice Exams (3 Full exams), Special Sauce, and QuckSheet.  This compact study tool summarizes key formulas, definitions, and concepts.

Materials are a little worn but not highlighted at all and otherwise in good condition. 

I would like to sell them for $140 (including shipping with the United States).   I realize that this is not the 2020 materials (hence the significant discount from $499 on Schweser’s website but it doesn’t appear the test changes much, if at all, year-to-year.  

I also have the 2018 materials and would be willing to sell them for $100 (including shipping within the United States).  

Let me know if you are interested and provide an email address.  Thank you.