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Level 2 September results

Like so many other Analyst Forum readers and contributors, I anxiously await the release of Level 2 results this week.  I check the Forum for clues on when the smart money says results will be released, the website to check my membership status and my e-mail is always open.   Some how, despite all of this, the result release hasn’t been top of mind for me.  Just the other night while we were making dinner, my wife asked me if I’ve heard from Kaya.  

“Who?, I don’t know a Kaya, who’s Kaya? thinking she thought I was having an affair or something

What do you mean, you know that hedge fund test you spent so much time studying for, and crimped our social life for, Kaya? “”

Oh, CAIA, feigning she’d mispronounced it or something (she hadn’t).  We both got a good laugh out of it, hopefully you did too.

James T. Palermo, CFA, CAIA

Online Classes have begun, but past sessions are archived for easy review!

so silly Jim

Nervously biting whatever is left of my fingernails crying

Excruciating wait for the results!!!!!!

Jishnu Chittoor, CFA

Right? sad

you guys think today or tomorrow?

Most likely today!!!

Jishnu Chittoor, CFA

Any signs on CAIA website? Are people able to schedule for March 2020? 

i don’t see anything yet

“There is no info to display” under my exam info page. We are close. 

Check your membership status–the tell is you’re eligible to become a CAIA member

James T. Palermo, CFA, CAIA

I see ‘Join Membership’ in the membership status field ….

I see that as well. When you click in, it includes Candidate or Membership terms…eeeekkk 

does join membership definitely = pass?

That’s my question? 

Passed - caia site updated

Displayed… Pass!



what was the pass rate?

Pass rate 64%, I am also passed. Congrats to all!



Congrats to everyone that passed… Sadly I did not. Here’s to March 2020. 


Congratulations to all who passed and for those who unfortunately didn’t, please don’t give up, am sure you guys will clear this final hurdle next time around!!!

Jishnu Chittoor, CFA

next time leveredx10…takes most people a few tries…

YAY!! Passed!!! done with CAIA !! Congrats to all who passed

Passed! How did you do in the individual sections? Any surprises compared how you felt after leaving the exam?

Just saying that none of the 3rd party providers does a really good job (at best Uppermark can be a mediocre guidance) getting you prepared for this exam. The original CAIA textbook is the one and only source you need to know inside-out (incl. footnotes).

agreed   textbook is the way to go…


Congrats everyome