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Level 2 September results

Pretty bummed because I had to take level 1 twice… oh well, two years of hard work will be worth it. 

Online Classes have begun, but past sessions are archived for easy review!

Hopefully the exam report provides good insight on where to focus in March. 

James T. Palermo, CFA, CAIA

I passed - ****ing A I had my doubts.

My thoughts after doing both CFA and CAIA. CFA is more calculator based less need for 100% understanding all terms. CAIA is more into understanding all terms - and with the essay part really understanding what is going on. CFA helped me a lot especially in the essay part where there were several questions regarding convertible bonds.

Congratulations to all that passed - and those who didn’t. Saddle up - second time is easier. I did not pass several levels of the CFA, so I know the pain!!!

Congrats to everyone who passed and don’t be disheartened if it wasn’t your day on the exam! 

Lol, just passes and immediately violates ethics - probably shouldn’t discuss what was tested ya dig? 

Congratulations to all who passed. To those that did not, dont give up. You are almost done!!!


So August 5 2019, 7 weeks before last day of exam, my boss asks me if I have registered for CAIA 2 (we were responding for Request for Proposal for provision of asset management service and she needed to know whether to put me at Passed CAIA I or Candidate for CAIA II)

For fear of vilification, I responded in the affirmative, and immediately went ahead and registered. 7 weeks before the exam!!

I ordered the Uppermark textbook, downloaded the CIT and ethics text book (to read while in the bathroom, waiting for food at restaurants, while having lunch and any downtime I had) and immediately started studying. I put in about 3 hrs per day in the morning (full time job), and about 6 hours per day weekends.

I ordered the CAIA QBank 27th October as I realized I was forgetting most of what I studied. Only got to use it 2 weeks before my exam (while I was on 2 weeks study leave). 

I found the exam to be tough, but I am glad I persisted to the end. The Qbank definitely helped. I attempted about a thousand MCQ  questions. I regretted having not started on it earlier as a lot of concepts were concretized after going through it. 

The exam centre (Cape Town) was a construction site as the mall was being revamped. They drilled nonstop and I got mad that CAIA would put us in a place like that. Kept thinking “this would never happen with CFA,” but I digress.

Obviously I do not recommend anybody to study for 7 weeks before exam, but I am glad I got a pass without having to study 4 or 6 months. 

All the best to future candidates!!

Invert. Always invert

Oh yes. I smashed that in the mouth. Strongest in everything except commodities which was higher. 

I did too much. 

Oh yes. I smashed that in the mouth. Strongest in everything except commodities which was higher. 

I did too much. 

I assume I barely passed…

But my studying method is the root cause.

Nothing done until 15th Sept, then holidays until the exam

10 hours each day until 25th, then Schweser Q bank for 15 hours (home, plane to exam center, hotel…) No mock (I was too tired).

Based on my perf report . I am probably one of  the last ones within the Pass rate.

I.e. I know I was too weak on formulas.

It probably worked due to background as I m 44 and since 22 years in the fund industry.

But it also worked for my CIPM and my FRM. this gives me some comfort on my ability to study such exams using an extreme approach.

Now : beer and that’s all.

Actually I am (somehow) more happy to not have to restart this routine than to have passed

Wonder PASS

Does anyone know the dimensions of the certificate?

James T. Palermo, CFA, CAIA


I passed! I just added CAIA behind my name on LinkedIn and my work email signature, and it felt so good to finally be able to do that!

This was my second time sitting for L2, so for those of you looking to retake it in March, hang in there. Getting the disappointing news always stinks, but now you have an idea of what the L2 test is like, and you can use it to your advantage. Don’t give up. You’ll get there!

Hi, I am trying to sell my Schweser CAIA Level 2 2019 Schweser materials.  I have Schweser Notes, Practice Exams (3 Full exams), Special Sauce, and QuckSheet.  This compact study tool summarizes key formulas, definitions, and concepts.

Materials are a little worn but not highlighted at all and otherwise in good condition. 

I would like to sell them for $140 (including shipping with the United States).   I realize that this is not the 2020 materials (hence the significant discount from $499 on Schweser’s website but it doesn’t appear the test changes much, if at all, year-to-year.  

I also have the 2018 materials and would be willing to sell them for $100 (including shipping within the United States).  

Let me know if you are interested and provide an email address.  Thank you.

Let me know if you are interested and provide an email address.  Thank you.