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Uppermark Level II Review Starting June 23, 2009 phishwong 9 phishwong9 years ago
L1 in Sept peteus325 8 shirelyshanshan9 years ago
Uppermark materials peteus325 2 cfacowtown9 years ago
Schweser's 2019 PremiumPlus™ and Premium packages are 20% off when you order by December 13, 2018.
Uppermark vs Schweser Chicagoist 4 cfacowtown9 years ago
March/september 09' curriculum changes blue_ 14 shirelyshanshan9 years ago
Anyone from the Tri-state area (NY/NJ/CT) is preparing for the L1 in Sept? peteus325 peteus3259 years ago
exam fee cmicmi 5 cfacowtown9 years ago
basis risk Factor hedge 7 phishwong9 years ago
For those who may be interested - Structured Products Training Webinar peteus325 1 cfacowtown9 years ago
FRM v. CAIA cfacowtown 46 Factor hedge9 years ago
Job board peteus325 1 cfacowtown9 years ago
Job board at CAIA site peteus325 5 cfacowtown9 years ago
Hedge Ratio and Delta - Convertible Arbitrage phishwong phishwong9 years ago
Articles jcrick 29 YeeS_Mos9 years ago
CAIA level 1 between CFA 1 and 2??!! nalzaki 8 nalzaki9 years ago
How to deal with Essay YeeS_Mos 3 cfacowtown9 years ago
Real questions JoeyDVivre 20 cfacowtown9 years ago
CAIA designation peteus325 1 cfacowtown9 years ago
L1 results SouthFloridaCFA 50 Factor hedge9 years ago
September 2009 Level 1 Exam cfacowtown 20 cfacowtown9 years ago
Convertible Arbitrage - Currency Hedge Overlay p. 123 phishwong phishwong9 years ago
Do you think its right for situation? dshibb 7 jcrick9 years ago
CFA L2 and CAIA 2 pacmandefense 8 cfaboston289 years ago
How is it chung.da.neu chung.da.neu9 years ago
I crushed the exam like Daj crushes Natties! ditchdigger2CFA 22 jcrick9 years ago