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financial modelling

Can someone advise/recommend any good financial modelling course
i have zero knowledge on financial modelling so i am looking for an easy to understand book/cd

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Benninga’s “Financial Modeling” book has been recommended to me on here before. Got it but haven’t gone through it yet so can’t recommend it personally.

any of you guys have any suggestions or is Benninga’s “Financial Modeling” book the best one for beginners.

try wallstreetprep, models are basic but good for beginners. if you need I have a referral code which will give you a discount


hi Kazak thanks

can we talk on email for this thanks

hope u hear back from you.

You tube videos might help. Or you can use udemy online course in a low price and they are good. But you need to have prior knowledge of finance and accounting.

I’ve used Breaking into Wall Street and Wall Street Prep 

I really liked both, WSP for the basics and BIWS for the more weirdo/niche things (O&G/FIG)

WSP way to go for  me.

It depends what sector you are looking at moving into… For FIG, Wall Street Training is great but pricey.

Hey is CFI is also good or Wall street training are better ????? Any discount will be offered