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Getting ready for Level 2

When are people getting ready to start studying?

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Looks like level 2 is way tougher than level 1. Guess we need to start studying asap

I’m repeating. Will probably start in July. I have CFA 2 on June 4th.

Level 2 ain’t easy. start early my friend.

Repeating myself, friends in town from Singapore today through May 7. May 8th is my start date.

I started in the beginning of June but now I wonder if I have enough time. I’m most of the way through the Current and Integrated Topics, talk about a dense read. Is the other book any easier? This is going to be brutal.

Level 2 is indeed a lot tougher. But the saving grace is the essay section – partial credit!

I put in six very solid weeks of practice questions and formula memorization.


Just took CFA Level III in June so I took some time away from the books. Just started easing into the CAIA material this week and “official” studying begins in earnest this weekend.