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What is the *best* self study financial modeling course?

geo wrote:
^ It wouldn’t count for anything on your resume, but may make you a bit more conversant if you’re not already comfortable with differentials, netbacks, royalties, depletion rates, oil and gas accounting, etc.

Thanks for that. I find the oil and gas sector quite interesting and would be interested in working in this area so it sounds like this might be worth checking out. 

I know it won’t add anything as such to my CV but I do feel like I could use the knowledge gained from it when answering technical questions in interviews. 

^ I don’t know if you’ll be able to answer highly technical questions from it, but you likely will understand enough of the basics to not make a fool of yourself and you’ll understand some of the jargon in discussions.

If shipping to the UK wasn’t a million bucks, I’d cut you a deal on my old copy.

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any of u can review wall street training?? i am basically getting it for free..also going through benninga and damodran’s book right now!

I had a Wall St Training course on campus in undergrad and it was decent. In our case they built the WMT model, but I felt some of their content was lacking depth and I couldn’t shake the feeling that they had pre-cooked their model to fit the target value. For example, their models run very much on assumptions, but they don’t tell you much about those. In fact, the biggest drivers of their models appear chosen arbitrarily and the way they come up with a target price does not consider distributions in input variables. 

I can’t speak for any other training courses, but I imagine they are similar.

Anyone looking for some FREE models should check out Macabacus templates (Operating model, LBO model, M&A model).

Various pages on the website walk you through how to do different things (lots of comments on specific cells as well). However, there’s no video guides like most paid training courses mentioned here.

If you really want to learn & master MS Excel for financial modeling (assuming mastery of Excel doesn’t lie beyond the efficient frontier) heres my $0.02….

  • Reverse engineer older models before attempting to build your own
  • Start by getting a solid understanding of VLOOKUP/HLOOKUP & INDEX/OFFSET
  • Get intimately familiar with custom number formatting early (using “=1” / “=0” inputs with custom format that reads “Yes” / “No”) –  used with SUMPRODUCT it works wonders
  • When working on something that’s 0% - 95% done, highlight all those cells you haven’t finished red (or some other color you are not using that sticks out)
  • Depending on how complex you want your model to be… build it MORE complex with additional unused line items from the very beginning if you want to use it as a template and not just this once (for instance on the I/S you include an Advertising Expense, separate Depreciation & Amortization lines, Wages & Salary line item, etc) – all of these may sum within SG&A Expense but it ads flexibility for when some firms disclose more specific items vs others who disclose less

If you have an udemy account, google some coupon codes and see if you can apply them to the modeling course on their site, both TTS and WSP are represented, and I have several of the modeling course that I only paid 10 dollars for each one (they charge like 150-250 without the coupon code). As far as I can tell it’s the same thing they sell directly on their website. I’m actually doing a merger modeling course from TTS right now, and I just got it for 10 bucks a few days ago so I know other people could still get the same deal.

How long is the basic course from Breaking Into Wall Street?

Wow, there are a ton of threads these days about financial modeling.

Don’t you people have jobs where you learn these things? Back in the good ol days the boss would just throw you a model way over your head, “figure it out by Friday”, you sink or swim, done. Study schmudy!

Which of these would be most applicable for a person going into a VC/ Accelerator or VC-PE Space?