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Just CAN'T get a job...

ninja_economist wrote:

WTF happened to this thread :-/ It started with CAN’T GET A JOB (with lots of F bombs) and people are fighting over why men like younger women.

Yap, we must get it back on track! Minus the f bombs

jeffmorton212 wrote:

woodywoodford wrote:

You broke the first rule of career life - Never leave your current job without a new one lined up.  We cut two of our top candidates from our recent hiring process specifically because they left their jobs like that.  Very good, qualified candidates that would have been an excellent fit, but if you hightail as soon as you you get bored with that company, what’s to say you won’t do the same with us?

This is a very antiquated approach to HR - a la the ‘80’s almost.  What if they left because unethical and/or potentially illegal behavoir was going on at the firm that they can’t disclose for fear of litigation?  There are a million reasons why someone might leave a place w/ nothing lined up. 

In the age of freelancing and with the way this job market looks, it would not surprise me at all if someone left for a good reason.  You’d have to be a fool to think a person would leave their job, in this market environment, with little to no reason besides “boredom”.

There are definitely 2 sides to this argument. One from the employer who sees a candidate that left for an undisclosed reason and assumes it’s because they were bored. And the other perspective is one of the candidate who left for their own reasons, maybe ones he/she can’t voice.

I think the best approach to this, and I know what I did in my situation is have a good story that makes sense and the employer would agree with. And from the employer’s side, try to understand why someone left a firm, and I don’t think asking is unethical; ask them and if they say they can’t talk about it, then it could be some sort of legal matter.

Either way, to address speculation, I did not leave because I got bored. Nor was it a legal matter. It was circumstancial and I am on good terms with my past employers.

@ryanmackk, Your post reminds me of the

“Circumstances” song by Rush

A boy alone, so far from home,
Endless rooftops from my window.
I felt the gloom of empty rooms
On rainy afternoons.
Sometimes, in confusion,
I felt so lost and disillusioned,
Innocence gave me confidence
To go up against reality.

All the same, we take our chances,
Laughed at by Time,
Tricked by Circumstances.smiley
Plus ca change,
Plus c’est la meme chose,
The more that things change,
The more they stay the same.

Now I’ve gained some understanding
Of the only world that we see.
Things that I once dreamed of
Have become reality.
These walls that still surround me
Still contain the same old me,
Just one more who’s searching for a world that ought to be.

You may like the last stanza!

mygos, that’s deep.

I spent 1 month begging them to let me in, then 4 months working for free, until the firm finally hired me (while part timeing at nigh in some non-finance job to make some money). Keep pushing :D


Dude, why don’t you try placement agencies if you badly need a job? They get bulk jobs and place you somewhere or the other. Try it out.

Anyways, I have an interview tomorrow, I have a CSC, CPH and IFC. Did not even graduate yet from university. I don’t have my CFA level 1 results either. The job which I am going for tomorrow is an Investment Advisor assistant and they will help me get the IIROC licence, yes, if I get hired. 

In your language, apply like a motha****a. Spam your resume everywhere. If you have good grades in a few courses, write it down on resume. I have an 82% in CSC, 70% in CPH and 82% in IFC. I have them listed on my resume and this is the reason they got interested. Make your resume presentable.

The only two experience I have is one at an accounting firm, for 2 years part time and other at World Financial Group for 4 years as Administrative assistant, part time as well. They just sell insurance.

Become his motivational speaker.

Inducted into the AF Hall of Fame, class of ‘17