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why are people screwing up the interviews?

robustening wrote:

i recently had a final round interview with the ceo of a small data analytics provider.  the guy was 15mins late, ok, fine, its an entry level role, youre time is more valuable than mine.  he sat down and made a point of conveying that it was his first time looking at my resume.  he then, out of the blue, asks me “where would you go if you could go anywhere”. he proceeded to  interrupt my answer and said he was unable to proceed with the interview until his secretary could find the initial application i filled out when i first came in.  now, bear in mind, this ****ing thing took me 15 mins to fill out the first time and all of it was redundant.

so like the desperate hacksaw loser i am, i fill out the form again.  he comes back into the room, looks it over and then exclaims “you were a manager at your previous position?!?!?!” as if he had caught me out incorrectly filling in a field.  and i correct him, graciously, that i was indicating my supervisor’s title.  he then continues looking over the form, and all of a sudden asks me if i realize i am wearing brown shoes with a dark suit.  he gave me several other fashion tips and then told me i come across as “spacey”.  when i asked if he could describe it better he recommended i google the word ‘spacey’ and see what comes up.  i said i think kevin spacey will probably come up.  that was about the end of it.

that was last week.  it feels like im trapped in a nightmare, lol.


If you arrive to the front desk of the company right at the time of the interview or 1 minute over, should you apologize about it tothe interviewer and are you automatically rejected? This happened to me recently because of traffic. The interview didn’t start untl 4 minutes past the scheduled time.