I am a 25 years old french student and i want to find a finance internship in London starting january 2015. Ultimately, i wish to work as an asset manager.

I stopped my studies for 3 years to be a professionnal poker player, which explain my age. Today i study in a good french business school (Reims management school). 

I pass the CFA 1 exam last year and i am confident that i will pass the CFA 2 this year.

My problem is that i never did any internship before and i am 3 years late in my studies. Therefore i am not very confident about my ability to find an internship. I am looking for ways to boost my resume.

Because i do very well on tests, i wonder if passing the CPE (Certificate of Proficiency in English) and getting a very high score (750+) on the GMAT could help me find an internship. (or passing any other exam)

Do you have any advices to help me achieve my goal? 

Thanks a lot for your time and your help.