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Portfolio Analyst Interview

I have an upcoming interview at a fixed income shop ($150bn+) for a Portfolio Analyst role. I’m a year out of school and just passed CFA level I.

Curious if anyone has worked in a similar role and can provide some insight on what the interview might be like (questions, etc.) I had an informational interview and answered a couple technicals, not sure if they’ll grill me on bond mechanics.

Also curious about comp, career progressions, etc.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Beemer benz or Bentley?

What does the job description say?

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They’ll probably ask if you like peanut butter. Then when you confirm that you do, they’ll say, “Me too! Let’s go back to my hotel.” At least, that’s how mine went. 

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ohai wrote:

What does the job description say?


Essentially, it would involve taking trades from PMs to analyze the effect on sector exposure, cash, duration, etc., and then help move the trades to the execution desk. Also will involve portfolio attribution analysis and other reporting responsibilities.

Thanks again