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Are there any CFA candidates interested in product management as a career path?

Hi everyone - I am working on a project that aims to help finance professionals transition into a career in product management at a tech company. If you are a CFA candidate or finance professional seeking to make this transition, I would love to hear about the struggles you face in your journey. Please message me here or e-mail me at Thanks!

daisuke123 wrote:

 I would love to hear about the struggles you face

lol, you’re interested in hearing about people’s struggles?

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Yes, I would like to understand the problems people face so I can help them in my project. Are you a finance professional seeking to transition careers? 

he is a snuggler.

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I’m looking to career switch out of it more than anything.

Saw this article awhile back too.

The $100,000 job no Australian is qualified to do

I like it when they struggle. 

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