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Changing career path

I’m 29 years old, Bachelor of Finance from Boston University, just passed CFA L2 and currently working for a Logistics company as a Financial Analyst basically just doing FP&A.

I’ve worked for 1 year at a small VC with about $10M AUM then moved to one of their portfolio company which focused on brain science research as a Financial Analyst for 4 years.

I would like to move into the investment field whether it’s equity research, M&A, IB etc.

Given my current qualifications and assuming I pass CFA L3 next year (hopefully), what is the most realistic path to take? Is it worth starting as an analyst for 3 years then move into associate at an investment bank or should I focus on equity research….

Go get MBA.

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- Everyone

I went to BU as well (SMG’08)! I am also a charterholder in a M&A position. I would recommend you start with ER because the value of a CFA is questionable at best in IB, PE, corp dev in my opinion.