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How to get into PE/IB? Help from experienced people!


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Mobius Strip wrote:

brah, so much fake news in your post. SAD.

Yes, there has been some outlay of MBA grads to VC/Tech from top programs that traditionally go for IB. Primarily driven by millenials chasing unicorns and looking to “make a difference in the world” or “disrupt an ecosystem”. Certainly not driven by pay. Tech firms have tapped into this trend by offering collaborative open office spaces, stupid perks, flexible work environments and opportunities to innovate & disrupt by following your dream career. Whatever floats their boats, brah. No way on average cash pay is better than IB especially with the monster M&A bull market over the past several years. 

In fact, IB recruitment at MBA programs is down cause more and more good analysts get promoted to associates and skip the MBA route altogether. It’s a two way street.

hmm interesting…..As a person in finance in NYC, I would like to agree with you but that is just not the case….I’ve talked to MBA directors from top MBAs, recent alums, and career dept and they have said the same - that mgmt consulting and tech firm finance jobs and tech firm management jobs are beating out IB……Just what I’ve heard….Lot of these tech firms (excluding MSFT because it is based in Seattle) in SFO which have simialr living expenses as NYC have much higher base pay than comparable IB or finance jobs in NYC.  Tech firms in SFO not only have higher base but more of the incentive is tied to stock options unlike IB or hedge fund jobs in NYC….Look I got a fat ass bonus last year that was way more than 100% of my base but my CASH bonus is taxed at 54%.  I’d rather have majority of my pay in base and some in stock options because net I am better off that way…..

Look, there is a reason why people from top MBAs prefer mgmt consulting and tech firms to traditional IB…Not just “BS perks” like you said…..not everyone from the top schools are as naive and as simple as you think….they care about money….

Look at it this way, the MSFT corp strat job i got dinged…I was competing against other IB or buyside analysts.  To them and to me, it is better to make 220k in Seattle than make 350 in NYC because net net pay will be similar ALSO you got lower cost of living which would make MSFT job more attractive AND you got as you call “stupid perks” such as free shuttle to and from work, 6 in-campus restaurants, 9-5 job, etc…..

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I was speaking recently to a friend who just graduated from HBS MBA.  In  high school, he wanted to be an ibanker.  When he talked about opportunities after graduation, IB wasn’t even one he was considering.  To me, it sounded like PE was the financial route people like him consider.  Infinity’s posts seem pretty similar to what he was saying.