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Advice Needed

Hey Everyone,

Looking for some advice for my next move in my career…. any help would be greatly appreciated!

- 26 years old

- BS Finance

- MBA Creighton University (paid by former employer)

- Level III CFA candidate 

- 2 years work experience as a Commercial Insurance Underwriter 

- 2 years work experience as a Commercial Credit Underwriter for a $5b local bank (current position)

I’m currently located in Tampa, FL. I would like to transition into an equity research role and eventually become a portfolio manager…. I have made some connections but am having difficulty breaking into the industry. 

Assuming I pass Level III next June what should I do to further advance my career? I’ve tossed around the idea of going the CPA route to expand my financial statement knowledge and develop a deep understand on how each financial statement ties to one another. 

I’ve also considered committing 6 months - 12 months to getting into a top 10 MBA program; does it matter that I already have a MBA? 

Get a Masters in Data Science from a reputable program, then combine your domain knowledge and experience (albeit limited) with your newfound programming & data science skills – and you might then be a viable candidate for a junior PM role at a quantitatively-oriented asset management firm like BlackRock.

Oh no, you don't want to mess with a guy thats riding on a buffalo.

Shouldn’t have done that MBA at Creighton, it adds little to no value. Could always apply to a bunch of top 20 MBAs and see what you get. Very hard to move from underwriting to ss and bs research.