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Path to quant analyst?

Current experience/creds:

  • 5 years private wealth mgmt, fund research, asset allocation
  • 3 years corporate FP&A
  • CFA charter, BBA Finance (your average large American university, good gpa)
  • Age: 32

Goals/Soon to achieve:

  • Double major; MS Analytics, Statistics from Georgia Inst. of Technology (top 10 in comp science/math)
  • Transfer to company in finance industry (currently in ecommerce) as FP&A and transfer to quant related role after graduation (1.5-2 years)

Highly possible? Slim chance? 

Defining quant analyst within these areas: pricing models, portfolio risk analysis, pattern detection in financial securities at big banks, automated trading models, risk management, so on and so forth…

Jobs like risk management are within your reach, assuming you are good and have people who can recommend you. More specialized roles - those that are typically filled by PhD candidates - are more selective and are probably unrealistic.

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