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Python trainings in the Internet

Hey KingKing.. is your Python trained yet?

¯\_(ツ)_/¯ It be like that sometimes.

^^my coding skills: 11/10.

Motivation keeps you trying, consistency keeps you doing.

I haven’t had much time recently so now I can tell a bit more about Python… Well, taking into account that I spent 2 weeks on coding from scratch, the test that I took didn’t go well. The exercises were easy (as I heard from others) but not for me. I want to enroll for one month course in September.  I have a new plan though! I have been talking to a few people and they advised me to work on my network. So this is the thing I want to focus next weeks. It’s a bit challenging as I work in the different location.. but I can do it!

Motivation keeps you trying, consistency keeps you doing.

The update is as follows: I got a job in London. It is a support function but on a trading floor in one of the biggest world bank. Hope to excel my networking skills even more. Yes and I am very excited ;-).

Motivation keeps you trying, consistency keeps you doing.

Python is a great programming language to start with.
- There are some great professional courses at Pluralsight (not free). See Python Fundamentals as good starting point.
- Personally I like doing a course where you get to do actual applications. Here is one at Udemy. Whilst not finance specific, at least you get to build some real apps.
- If you like reading instead. See ”Automate The Boring Stuff with Python

If you are looking to get into programming, I actually agree with one of the comments mentioned here. The choice of programming language is not critical on your path to becoming a ”investment coding guru”. There are a host of languages (Kotlin, C#, Java, Ruby) which are just as good candidates as Python. In some cases it may even be the better choice depending on your circumstances (ie the current working environment; your current O/S and apps used. e.g. if you work with a lot of Excel; C# may be better) 

They teach you how to use Python scripts to automate various aspects of your day to day job. 

Never underestimate the power of having a thick skin.