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Job offer contemplation

good luck mate, I hope the offers good and the job works out.  Regret what you did not what you didn’t do.

What was the result of this Pokhim? What was the offer? Did you take it?

Brexit happened - they gave the job to one of the other guys who used ti be a prop trader The MD that wanted to hire me was overuled by one of the big big boys. 

No big deal though. There are a couple of other gigs which are could happen internally. I’m looking at something else which will be more interesting in the long term and has  PE exit opp.

I got a 1hr modeling test tomorrow to see if i can cut the mustard.

plumber > stripper > experience > CFA > MBA

Too bad it did not work out. I hope those losers will just go out of business in 1 year. 

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- Everyone

Good luck! Let us know

Good luck! Let us know