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Resume Critique Please!

Hi guys! I’m in my Final Year from a Non-Target in Australia. My current GPA is 3.4 and I am enrolled in the Dec Level 1 Examinations. I’m hoping to get into a hedge fund or an AM firm in the near future, even though I have secured myself an internship with a private bank as an investment analyst after graduation. I’m planning to take an MBA 2-3 years down the road (top schools of course). 

I’d like you to take a look at my resume, and perhaps recommend what I could do to attain my goals. Thanks!

Just realised I forgot to upload the link.

Oh top schools. Of course. 

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Try career services at your school.  Not random internet people with unverified backgrounds..

Financial Planner
BBA (Finance & International Business) 1998,
MBA (With a Global Perspecytive) 2011,
ChFC® 2018, CLU® 2019
Owns an Independent RIA/Insurance Agency
Series 65, Life, Annuities, Health (Expired 6,63)

My thoughts from the few minutes I spent reading through:

1) formatting needs some work

2) Your work experience looks good, but it needs some results. The reader doesn’t just want to see just what you did, but what you achieved i.e. performed a cost reduction assessment…which resulted in reduced costs by X.

I think the below link provides some useful commentary on graduate CVs and an example of a great one.

Some of the bullet points are too generic (reads like you just copy-pasted from somewhere), like back-testing of VaR, market parameters update.

Research and Analyze Alternative Assets. What does that even mean? By reading this, I can’t tell if it was just a lit review or you actually did some quant work here. Research based on what? Did you do any quant work, build any models, forecast anything? Any Excel skills to show? Any data skills?

Assisting with data gathering - Using what? Did you mine the data from SQL? Did you query it from some other online platform/database? 

Since you’re looking for an entry-level position, I’d focus more on Excel, data mining/analysis, and data presentation (dashboard reporting). 

Capitalize Fibonacci. Get this proof read by someone in your school’s Career Services.

Find numi. He’s probably busy doing hedge fund type stuff. But he used to offer resume help.

Thanks guys, appreciate your help. I’m making the changes.

One more I would suggest is put your education on top and put in the school name. You’re still in school, so chronologically that should come first. I was even told once by a career counsellor that education should always be on top, until it becomes like 10 or 15 years old.

Bachelors of Business Administration (BBA), Masters of Business Administration (MBA)
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