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Please help me to correct my errors in writing..!

I am a literature student and that I need to write associate essay regarding three documents. My writing skills are not dedicated neither is my descriptive linguistics. I’d prefer to understand if you may help me correct my mistakes. I came here to clear one thing from skilled consultants. Being a student I even have several doubts relating to best essay writing service. Even if I participated in several competitions however still need to learn and improve plenty. Eagerly expecting your valuable and useful response to my doubt!



Need to write better!

Word dripped pages… what a mess

…Become a plumber?

Nudes please.

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What type of help are you looking for jodydnn? Do you want someone to help edit your work? Do you want to improve your writing and literary skills overall? What are you looking for exactly?

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I will assume this is an ad since

1)Have nothing to do with investment

2) Asking for correct mistakes without post his/her essays

3) post a link to a writing website

Anyone know how to report ads?

Attend school more often and learn grammar, maybe sometime you can write a competent essay yourself.

Have a nice day!