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Resume Advise Please

Hi All,

I am hoping to get some constructive feedback regarding my CV.

Bit of background: the majority of my experience is management consultancy with an FS focus. A couple of years ago, I attempted to move to AM (targeting PM assistant) and was able to land some good interviews, but struggled landing them, often getting the feedback “we found someone with more relevant experience”. Given the difficulties I experienced, I applied for a CF role (transactions) as I felt this would be good experience and a good stepping stone, however, I am now finding myself looking at my CV and thinking perhaps the AM route is now too far gone and I should pursue other avenues (just unsure what these are).

Long story short…I recently put my CV out to the market and have found I am struggling to get call backs. I have tweaked my CV several times but seems to be the same outcome so wanted to post here to see what people’s thoughts were.

CV can be found here:

Thanks in advance!

Hi Lol,

You are within the TS team in the big4 but not the M&A team right?Would you consider investment banking? How old are you?

I would never say never for a PM role - I think if you can manage a junior role at a passive fund - this might help for experience. I think a pure CV approach is not 100% the approach to get a PM role. I find most of the people I know in the industry got the roles through networking consistently and meeting people non-stop. Also, attending conferences and CFA,CAIA networking events is also a great focus. You need to get out of the big 4 asap to move. Possibly look for an equity analyst role, this may also lead to PM progression down the line.