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Just received offer BUT...

In a bad year you don’t get a bonus.  Be lucky that you get to keep your job.  The only 200K+ jobs I see being thrown around now are if you already have previous experience running your own shop (and were involved in all of the job responsibilities required to run such fund…and not 20 million out of some basement with your friends money) or you have a number of years under your belt working mid to upper management in a top tier institutional firm. OR you have previous high level sales experience (Fixed Income, Swaps…not Sellside Research).  Hope this tempers some expectations out there and where to focus your energy if you plan to make big bucks.  

^ that blows. 

I’m going to be working around 50 hours a week, 20 minutes from arguably the top beach in the US while everyone else in the country freezes so 85k base with no state income tax means things could be worse. 

Id like to move to NYC but I don’t think a CFA charter is gonna be enough. More than likely I’ll need a top MBA or advanced math or stats degree to get a job there if I’m being honest with myself.

Mike79 wrote:

^ that blows. 

DB just announced they are cutting bonuses for the majority of junior banker staff. So a year of 90-100 hr work weeks and you end up being paid about the equivalent of 50 something grand a year :/

ohai wrote:

If you’re a non junior investment staff in an expensive city (i.e. New York), your base pay should be $200k or higher. I don’t know about cheaper places. 

My hypothesis is that Ohai is one of the few people on the forum who benefited from the good ol days compensation levels. I’ve worked with some sell side analysts who make way more than their peers simply because they were analysts before Reg FD and new  pay was always based on their prior pay 

People live comfortably when their rent is 25% or less than their monthly take home pay.

120K - 19K (401k max out) *.75 (Taxes) = 75.75K Net

75.75/12 = 6.3K

6.3K * .25 = 1.58K

You can find decent places for rent not in NYC but within an hour distance for 1.5K-1.7K