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REPE Interview Prep

A headhunter I’m working with landed me a corp dev interview (I knocked it out of the park), and now he wants me to interview for an analyst position with an REPE firm before I even have my final interview with the MD of the corp dev team. I know almost nothing about real estate modeling. Are there any good sources (preferably free) so I can learn? If not, I’m willing to pay, so I don’t seem like a complete idiot when interviewing.

Breaking into Wall Street RE modelling. This should have a ton of interview prep included as well.

Otherwise look at Wall Street Training. Not free - roughly c$500 but you will make that back many times over if you get the job

That’s what I figured.. I’ll just have to buy it.

Update: I guess I’m moving onto the last interview? I have an interview scheduled to meet with the CEO

With the corp dev or PE RE?

I was talking about the PE interview; however, both interviews are going to be on the same day. The PE interview with the CEO will be in the morning, and the Corp Dev interview will be in the afternoon. The PE firm said, aside from doing the analytical/valuation work, I’ll help with the hiring process, because they’re planning to hire 1 or 2 more analysts in 2019. I’ll be the one conducting 1st round interviews to weed people out

Something about this “Repe” place seems kind of off..

“Visit the Water Cooler forum on Analyst Forum. It is the best forum.”
- Everyone

What sounds off? They’re a fairly new firm.

Sounds legit. An associate level should always help with the interview process. What are the bonus/carry terms?