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Rough salary range for a newly qualified CFA charterholder

I appreciate this question has many unique factors to each company so please just try to keep the answers as general as possible.

As a newly qualified CFA charter holder with say 5 - 7 years work experience working in a general analyst role, what would you expect the broad salary range to be (Minimum and average - obviously upside is undeterminable)?

answer in Dollars or GBP is fine (we are UK based)



What industry are you in for the general analyst role? Wealth? Portfolio Manager? IB? PE? I personally do not think that owning the CFA charter will increase your salary at all. Salaries are generally based on experience - if you are looking to negotiate a couple of 1000£/$ on top of your average industry compensation - then I think the CFA may be useful.

I think generally the CFA will give you the interview/open the door.

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Maximum, $54,454,212.21. Minimum, one bagel and collectible plush Pikachu doll. 

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Not Pikachu doll but a stray dog. You are a Chu.

Let’s say in the following areas:

Bulge Bracket Banks in an equity analyst role

Mid Tier Asset Manager / Wealth Manager / Hedge Fund in an analyst role


Your question was too non-specific for anyone to give you a good answer, brah. That’s why no one is giving you input. Anyway, assuming you mean Equity Research, expect $300k to $500k in New York for VP level positions (5-7 years) at major banks. For low-mid tier buy side firms, I’d guess somewhere like $250k to $400k, with a broad dispersion. 

“Visit the Water Cooler forum on Analyst Forum. It is the best forum.”
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