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I read great review about both programs however WSP seems to be better recognized by companies. Any suggestions? I’m coming from a zero modeling background. 

I’m sure they’re both equally great.  I actually used WSP recently and thought it was really good, WSP is also used by a number of investment firms and top tier universities, I was actually referred to it by a former SS analyst who’s firm used WSP for new hires.  I highly recommend taking the time to do the excel module.  I found the playback was a bit skippy and worked better if I downloaded each individual video file.  I was working under a time crunch and did one of their modeling boot camps which is basically a full weekend and gets you access to all the relevant online modules.  If you have weak background in accounting they also have a quick accounting module which I didn’t use.  Honestly, the excel one is great and everyone starting out should use it.  If you are doing a boot camp weekend I’d book one that’s a little further out and plan on working through all the modules yourself beforehand because they do move quickly.

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Thanks for the input. Going to sign up for WSP I think. Will start off with the Excel and accounting crash courses. 

Ok, I wouldn’t go beyond those two and the basic three statement model unless you have a specific reason to.

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So your suggestion is the two prerequisites in excel and accounting and just do the basic package for $199? Just want to get myself good enough so I can put financial modeling on my CV and demonstrate my ability to financial model if asked because I’m currently applying for work. I know there is a premium package, a bit overkill for me? DCF would be good to know I’m thinking, not sure if that’s just in the premium package or is also in the basic package. I like the idea of doing a little as I can though. Also preparing for  CFA Level I for June and don’t want to put too much on my plate. Thanks for taking an interest, you’re helping me a lot. 

Yeah, I would just get the basic package and focus on financial statement modeling.  DCF is interesting and you should understand the basic principles (which are pretty simple and covered in the CFA Level I and more intensely in CFA Level II), but interview questions are mostly going to focus on whether or not you understand the basic principles of financial statements.  I think the premium package just gives you a bunch of stuff you’ll never use and that will distract you with little value add.  The trick is to understand the 3 statement modeling and then if you need to learn DCF just read about it a little since its just one extra step on your 3 statement model.

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Okay awesome. Thanks again for the help, I like the sound of this plan. I’ll do the two primers in one weekend and the basic course in another weekend.