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Anyone here working in PIMCO?

Is anyone here working in PIMCO?

I want to apply for a job in PIMCO, however I guess my chances is too low as I didn’t attend top schools and even don’t have a citizenship (I’m a F1 student, doing MBA in a God forgotten school). 

I was hoping passing lvl 1 will help me to be noticed at least. 

What is the best way to approach? Tried to apply for internship, but they hire only undergrads, and I guess from top schools only.

Why does it have to be pimco? I’d think that you would be scraping for any job offer that you can get. 

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They are more likely to sponsor H1B. And yes, I’m trying to get whatever I can find.

Yeah, the visa situation will not make it easier. Since you’re doing an MBA, there must be some kind of job placement service, right? I’d start by asking them for leads on companies that are friendly to your school, and some statistics on where other international students have gone. 

“Visit the Water Cooler forum on Analyst Forum. It is the best forum.”
- Everyone

Career service in our University suc*ks, and the leads are mostly customer service and account ing jobs. That’s why I started pursuing CFA, since I don’t have a faith in my University and degree. 

I applied to several investment analyst jobs in other capital management firms, as many CFA lvl 1 candidates and those who passed work there. Does passing Lvl 1 even have a weight in resume selection?

So, when candidates are selected at most investment shops they may get literally hundreds of resumes, or at least a few dozen, depending on the shop and role, get it down to about 20, maybe interview a dozen.  If you’re one of those last dozen and its a split decision, things like the CFA are sort of like bonus points that can help on the margin, but if you’re not in that final cut it doesn’t really matter.  In some situations they don’t care at all, in others, they seem to care.  So, it varies.

In all honesty, you’re probably not anywhere near even the middle of the pile at places like PIMCO, not being mean, just it’s highly competitive and that’s the field.  Level I would typically mean even less than that, so it’s extremely marginal.  Anyhow, your best bet is to apply at very small boutique shops or fringe sort of quasi investment roles where you might be more middle or upper part of the stack and go from there.

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