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Any benefit in completing the BIWS excel and fundamentals course?

Hello everyone,

This is my first post on the forum and I’d greatly appreciate some advice.

I graduated from a California state university in 2017. I’m currently trying to break into any position; not set on high finance. Literally any position related to finance (non-specific I know). I don’t have much experience except for a ****ty PWM internship during my undergrad. I’m currently at an extremely popular start up. I’m a part of “financial operations” but I don’t do anything related to finance.

I’m wondering if completing the BIWS course will show my interest and eagerness to learn when applying for jobs? Good or bad idea? Am I better off doing something else with my time?

Yes - it’s an excellent course and definitely worth it. Knowing the basics of three statement modeling is a prerequisite for any entry level banking, corporate finance or equity research job. It’s an important “check the box” thing on your resume.

Thank you my man!