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What are the roles and responsibilities for a business analyst?

I want to start my career as a business analyst and I want to know the roles and responsibilities of a business analyst. 

Can anyone suggest me?

Wait, why are you starting your career in this position if you don’t know what it is??

In general though, if it is a finance company, your job will be to liaise with the front office or other groups to figure out how to accomplish various business projects. Most of these will be related to technology. 

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The business analysts at my firm couldn’t possibly be more removed from wealth management if we tried. They exist to steer our technology in a direction that caters to our client base (advisers) while still maintaining our platforms competitive advantage. We aren’t your ‘traditional’ wealth management firm if you will, so perhaps it isn’t an appropriate comparison, but, these people are not really close at all to revenue (it’s an ops gig mainly).

¯\_(ツ)_/¯ It be like that sometimes.

You need to be more specific.  Where are you and what exactly do you want to analyze? Securities, marketing, risk management, operations, markets, star-ups, compliance issues, processes, what?

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From what I’ve seen, they float around the place, attach themselves to senior people like limpets, invite you to meetings, talk a lot of corporate speak to you and then float off elsewhere.

It really depends. I would say, classically, it is some IT-business mix. But can be corporate development, strategy or anything. Depends on the company and terminology used.